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Concrete breakers mechanical

We offer an attachment equipment Concrete Breaker (crusher) GIDROZUB BM - powerful attachment equipment for dismantling any concrete structures, consisting of two jaws. It is attached to the arm of excavator. It can be used on any type of excavators.

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Externally, concrete crusher is a powerful metal jaw with a wide angle of opening. Due to this fact, the processing of concrete is carried out quickly and efficiently, because the equipment easily copes with the task of crushing large chunks of concrete structures and separation of the reinforcement.

Our factory concrete breakers "Gidrozub" are characterized by great destructive power, high performance, mobility and safety.

Mechanical concrete breaker-crusher "GIDROZUB BM" on excavators 12-55 t - equipment for crushing concrete blocks, panels, walls, arches, beams, slabs.

For critical parts of the body and crushing teeth we use HARDOX or its analogues.

We produce crushers for 90, 80, 100 and 110 tines.

In 12 hours, processes an average of 250-300 m ³ of concrete.

Mechanical crusher is used:

  • For crushing secondary concrete;
  • Armature separation;
  • For destroying load-bearing beams, floor slabs, piles, etc.
  • It can also clamp and move pieces of concrete and rebar.

The skill of using a concrete breaker effectively is easily developed by the operator during one work shift,

The concrete breaker requires minimal maintenance, periodically along with other parts of the excavator.



Weight of excavator, tons12-1818-2520-2825-3535-4545-55
Working depth А, mm400500550650750850
Width of mobile jaw B, mm450*480750780790*850*
Fixed jaw width C, mm600*7209209601010*1100*
Max. opening D6509601030110013001450
Weight, kg750*1250165022002500*2850*

* depending on the size of the excavator arm

Prices for models of concrete breakers are on request, depending on the configuration of the order.

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Concrete breaker for excavators 18-50 tons