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About the Company

Our company has been engaged in sales and repair of lifting-transport and road-building equipment, supplying operating organizations with spare parts and attachments in different regions of Russia since 2003.

The next stage of development began in 2009 when we started producing attachments for excavators of our design and under our trademark GIDROZUB.

At first, we launched a line of equipment for beveling pile heads of square sections, which was successfully sold in all Russian regions and Kazakhstan.

Since 2014, our company has been providing equipment for any pile cap beveling operations of any cross-section and any size.

Over the next few years, we have mastered the line of equipment for demolition and disposal. Sometimes we hear similar equipment from other manufacturers referred to as our brand.

Our company is steadily increasing the range of GIDROZUB attachments, constantly improving designs and gladly fulfilling design orders.

We profess engineering values: Simplicity of design-Strength-Reliability,

and also traditionally we have:

  • Prompt response to a request,
  • Short planned production times.

Let us know about your task in any convenient way, and we will be happy to work for you.


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