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Mechanical shears " GIDROZUB " series MN - attachable equipment mounted on the excavator boom 18-48 t. Simple and economical solution for cutting construction metal structures.

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Mechanical shears " GIDROZUB " series MN - is a powerful attachment equipment for dismantling steel structures for the disassembly of high-rise buildings and structures, where a large cutting force is required.

The Gidrozub MN is powerful, simple, and therefore the best value proposition.

Mechanical metal shears for excavators are available in three models: MN-20, MN-30, and MN-40. The equipment is not equipped with a hydraulic mechanism, so there is no rotation function. The lower jaw is stationary, the upper is driven by the main bucket cylinder of the excavator. The cutting power depends on the hydraulic power of the machine.

Special shape of MN series jaws and opening of 43-63 cm ensure easy and deep material gripping, thanks to which the maximum efficiency is achieved. The blades are made of specially heat-treated steel and can be turned 2 or 4 times to change the cutting edge, depending on the version.


Metal shears are used in the following applications:

  • Cutting of pipes, ropes, beams, and metal support structures with a width of up to 24 cm during the dismantling of high-rise structures.
  • Cutting of metal profiles of roofing and sheds, fencing devices, and cladding of exterior walls of buildings, hangars and pavilions up to 2.5 cm thick.

Practice has shown that for small objects to work effectively enough to use the model MN-20 excavator weighing 20-25 tons. For large-scale projects it is advisable to use heavier base machines with the appropriate attachments: MN-30 or MN-40.

Equipment set

  • Jaws made completely of wear-resistant steel.
  • Top and bottom sticks to jaws.
  • Weld-on part on shovel arm.
  • Set of blades made of special tool steel.

Metal shears for excavators are supplied fully assembled, it is not necessary to purchase additional parts for installation.


High cutting force as well as high efficiency when dismantling metal frame buildings and working with metal profiles are the main advantages of our mechanical shears. Prices for equipment of the MN series are available on request and depend on the order configuration.



Top jaw width, mm100100120
Lower jaw width, mm270270300
Working depth, mm430530630
Opening, mm430530630
Weight, kg140015501850
Weight of excavator, t18-28      28-3838-48
Cutting capacity of shears*   
Square bar, mm160200240
T-beam, mm140180220
Tube, mm140180220
Circle, mm254050
Sheet, mm162025

* - approximate characteristics, depends on the specific excavator model.

Prices for hydraulic shearer models are by request, depending on the order complete set.

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