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How to choose stubbers?

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The company "Gidrozub" offers the optimal set of tools for uprooting.

For uprooting large stumps

For pulling big stumps on difficult soils it is better to use the hydraulic stubber of the K series.


The cleaner has more degrees of freedom of movement, making it easier and more comfortable to work with. The movable jaw - the blade - is driven by its own hydraulic cylinder. This allows you to cut large roots or split the stump in place and then remove it piece by piece with minimal load on the excavator's actuators. If there is no need to cut, the jaw-knife is used for gripping when moving and loading the extracted stumps.

For uprooting medium stumps

The main mass of the forest mass consists of trees, whose stem does not exceed 40-50 cm in diameter. Such stumps can be technologically removed with the help of mechanical stump puller of KP series, the moving jaw of which is driven by the bucket hydraulic cylinder of the excavator.


This equipment also has a knife for stump cutting, but unlike the hydraulic model the knife is fixed to the fixed lower jaw and cuts the stump just as easily. Cutting the stump not only helps make it easier to remove, but it also helps clean up the soil after removal if there's a goal of keeping the fertile layer in place.

For shrubs and small woods

If the object requires clearing only of bushes and small woods, you can use a simple rooter-rake "Gidrozub" series KG. Also with such a tool you can effectively prepare industrial and municipal areas for further improvement.


The name speaks for itself: the rake loosens and cleans the top layer of soil from any inclusions: roots, boulders, rebar, wire and the like.

For this purpose, you can also use a mechanical claw "Gidrozub" series ZTM, the upper movable jaw of which perfectly performs the function of a rake. The gripper will allow you to immediately sort and reload the result of raking, as well as move round timber and other materials that can be used on such sites.

We are ready to produce equipment with individual features according to the specifics of your object.

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