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Equipment for cutting circular piles

The GIDROZUB GZK circular pile cutting machine is designed for cutting off the heads of bored piles of circular cross section of any diameter. It can operate from the hydraulic system of the excavator or from the hydraulic power station.

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Our company has developed and produces GIDROZUB GZK equipment for cutting heads of circular cross-section concrete piles with a diameter of 600-1800 mm. The equipment is designed for cutting concrete pile heads without destroying the reinforcement. Allows to mechanize the process of pilehead capping, significantly increasing productivity and reducing the cost of the work. The equipment is a modular design consisting of individual links connected by pins. The number of links is selected depending on the diameter of the pile.

Cutting wedges are made in the form of an "oblique wedge", such a scheme allows to reduce the power consumption of concrete destruction process, increasing the quality of the cutting plane. The hydraulic cylinders are connected by high-pressure hoses, forming a hydraulic circuit, which is connected to the hydraulic system of a base machine or to a separate hydraulic station. The equipment is installed on excavators or other hydroficated equipment. Attachment to the base machine is carried out with a chain sling. The equipment allows cutting of piles with a minimum distance between piles of 650 mm.


Equipment for cutting piles of circular cross-section "GIDROZUB GZK".

Equipment modification"GZK"
Pile diameter, mm600 - 1800
Recommended weight of excavator at least, tfrom 18
Minimum distance between piles, mm650
Section weight, kg200
Oil pressure, mPa24 – 34
Oil consumption per hydraulic cylinder, l / min10 - 12
Production rate, pc/shift30-50

Prices for models pile-dumpers on request, depending on the configuration of the order.

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Main features

Advantages of a plant for cutting of piles with a circular cross section:

  • Productivity increases many times over.
  • The quality of work increases. Fittings and concrete underneath the cut remain untouched.
  • A quality shear.
  • Low noise level.
  • Number of pile sections is variable, which makes it possible to adapt the modular construction to any pile diameter.
  • Heat-treated cutting teeth provide the necessary operating life of the unit.
  • Reduced energy and production costs.


Unit in operation