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Square Pile Cutting Equipment

Pile cutter

The pile chipper for square piles is designed to chop off pile heads without destroying the reinforcement. It allows you to mechanize the process of capping pile heads, increasing productivity and reducing the cost of the work.

Through the use of hydraulic equipment builders can increase productivity by cutting more than two hundred piles in one shift.

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Unit for cutting of square section piles " GIDROZUB".

The company has created an innovative equipment " GIDROZUB" for cutting concrete piles. It is designed for cutting structures with a square cross-section from 300x300 to 400x400 mm. The device allows you to cut the heads of concrete structures without damaging the reinforcement. This equipment makes it possible to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

The unit " GIDROZUB " consists of a welded frame, which is equipped with hydraulic cylinders on four sides. Shearing wedges are attached to the rod of the hydraulic cylinders. Such a design makes it possible to obtain a high-quality flat cut of the piles with reduced energy consumption.

The hydraulic cylinders are connected by means of high-pressure hoses, resulting in a hydraulic circuit. It can be connected to the hydraulic system of the machine or hydraulic power station. Therefore, the GIDROZUB is easy to install on excavators and other similar machines. The device is attached to the machine with a chain sling and the hydraulic cylinders are connected to the machine's hydraulic system. This rig allows piles to be cut at a minimum distance of 41 cm between the structures.

The original unit has the GIDROZUB inscription and a nameplate with the date of manufacture and serial number of the unit.

The unit has been manufactured since 2008.



Maximum dimension of the square pile, mm300х300350х350400х400

300х300 - 400х400

Time of one cut, sec*4444
Capacityof up to 250 piles per one eight-hour work shift
Working pressure, MPa20-3220-3225-3220-34
Load capacity of hangers, tfrom 1.5
Cutting height, mm110110110110
Minimum distance between piles, mm410410410410
Type of chockSlanting chockSlanting chockSlanting chockSlanting chock
Number of wedges, pcs.4448
Overall dimensions, mm1046х1046х2701086х1086х3701136х1136х3701220х1220х350
Weight of the device, kg420480520520

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Main features

Advantages of the unit for cutting piles with a square cross section:

  • Reliable design, easy operation and maintenance;
  • Cutting wedges are made in the form of "oblique wedge", this scheme allows us to reduce energy consumption during concrete destruction, increasing the quality of the cutting plane;
  • Accuracy of cutting;
  • Minimum distance between piles;
  • Hydraulics. Hydraulic cylinders are connected in series by high-pressure hoses in a circular scheme, forming a hydraulic circuit, providing a smoother and more uniform operation of the equipment;
  • The operating pressure of the equipment has a wider range (from 16 MPa to 32 MPa) which allows using excavators (or hydrostations) with a pressure in the hydraulic system up to 20 MPa as well as most of the modern excavators with a pressure up to 32 MPa as a base machine;
  • Low noise level;
  • Manufacturing. We manufacture equipment according to customer specifications.
Installation in operation
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Pile cutter in work