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Equipment for cutting piles with a square cross section of the GZV series

Vertical pile cutting equipment for square section piles

The "GIDROZUB" GZV series is designed for cutting off pile heads from 300x300 to 400x400 mm cross section. It allows you to mechanize the process of beheading, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.

Using hydraulic equipment builders can increase productivity by cutting more than two hundred piles in one shift.

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Installation for cutting off the piles with a square cross-section GIDROZUB GZV-400

Allows you to mechanize the process of trimming the heads of piles, increasing productivity, and reducing labor costs. You do not need a compressor with a punching machine and its maintenance crew at the site.

The equipment is installed on excavators EO-3323, EK-12, 14, 18 or their analogs. Full compatibility with excavators HITACHI, DAEWOO, JCB, KOMATSU, DOOSAN, HYUNDAI, KATO, CATERPILLAR, LIEBHERR, MITSUBER, TEREX, VOLVO, NEW HOLLAND, SANY, SUNWARD, JOHN DEER.

Advantages of the installation of GZV:

  • Allows you to cut the piles under the ground level without the need to make "pits".
  • Allows you to increase productivity since in a vertical case holds a larger number of bite-sized parts of the pile head.
  • Significant advantages are shown when cutting high piles.
  • No deformation of the reinforcement cage.
  • Pile heads remain in the equipment enclosure and are stored in one place.
  • Better visibility of the level line of the cut marks from below.
  • Fast, precise, high-quality, economy.
Maximum size of a square pile, mm400х400
Time of one cut, sec4
Outputup to 250 piles in 8 hours
Working pressure, MPa20-25
Load capacity of hangers, tonsfrom 1,5
Cutting height, mm0
Minimum distance between piles, mm420
Type of wedgSlanting wedge
Number of wedges, pcs.4
Overall dimensions, mm1220х1220х1150
Installation weight, kg950

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