GIDROZUB Yaroslavl Attachment Factory

Advantages of the upgraded version of "Gidrozub" mechanical concrete cutter

Published on: 29 april 2020.

Based on the results of the experience of operating mechanical concrete breakers (crushers) "Gidrozub" at the end of 2019, our designers upgraded the equipment.

Since January 2020, an upgraded version of the equipment has been produced.

The list of improvements included:

  • Improved design of the cylindrical hinge pair for more even load distribution. In doing so, we got an increase in operating time until critical wear, which is comparable to, and often exceeds, the design life of a rolling bearing. Also, concrete particles generated by crushing concrete do not get into the spherical plain bearings, unlike rolling bearing constructions where foreign particles often cause premature bearing failure. At the same time, when the service life is over, replacing the sleeve is much less time-consuming than replacing the bearing.
  • By increasing the size of the plates, the cross-sectional area at the stress concentration points of the steel structure is increased, allowing to withstand the loads of concrete destruction even on excavators with "screwed on" valves/pressures.
  • Optimized tine spacing for maximum cutting force.
  • Improved tooth shape, allowing for longer tooth life at the highest cutting force.
  • Improved tooth cladding pattern with wear-resistant wire.
We continue to work on improving our equipment.

We send attachments for excavators: shearers, dredgers, pile cutters to other regions of Russia by any transportation companies according to the customer's request.