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We offer a handle for dismantling GIDROZUB - attachments for excavators weighing 16-40tn.

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There are three models of arm extensions for excavators: RD-5, RD-6, and RD-7. The equipment is mounted on the main arm, which completes the articulated boom of the machine. The force of forward-pushing motion of the device is directly proportional to the power of the excavator hydraulic system. Steel products have a length of 5 to 7 meters, a width of 0.52-0.55 meters and two tusks, on the ends of which the interchangeable crowns are installed.

The canines are about one meter long. The distance between the upper and lower canines is 1.7-2 meters. The upper one faces forward, the lower one is directed towards the ground. Service life depends on correct use of the attachment.


The arm extender is mounted on the excavator primarily for safe removal of structures. If you use a bucket, there is a great risk of collapsing a structure on the boom, and this will damage the hydraulic cylinders. The cost of repair work will exceed the cost of buying an extension arm. Also, debris could fall on the operator's cab.

Typically, low brick buildings are demolished with a boom extension. For the dismantling of reinforced concrete structures, only concrete hydro-scissors can be used.

Rules of operation

  • It is necessary to correctly correlate the complexity of the object to be demolished, the power of the excavator and the length of the arm.
  • The main thing is to push, but not to claw or pull the structure on itself. The arm should move strictly forward, not sideways.
  • The lower tusk can periodically be used to distribute construction debris lying on the ground for further shredding.

Price for the arm extension "Gidrozub" on request. Consultation is available by phone: +7 (800) 551-0-976.


Characteristics of dismantling arms " GIDROZUB" series RD

ModelRD-5RD-6RD-7arm drawing
Weight of excavator, t16-2319-2528-40
Weight of dismantling arm, kg135015001700
Length А, m567
Height over canines B, m1.722
Height С, mm0.420.420.5
Width D, mm0.520.520.55

Prices for dismantling handles are available on request depending on the model and order complete set.

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Dismantling handle in operation