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Pile cutting

How to choose a swarer

For 15 years, Gidrozub has been manufacturing equipment for pile removal that optimises the process and achieves a better result than the manual method. Our company name has already become a household name: this is the name for all piles and not only for our products. However, it is the original products that stand out for their robustness and reliability thanks to their simple design. You can cut 7-9 thousand piles before the teeth need replacing. Nevertheless, we offer a 12-month warranty and lifetime service.

Advantages of the Gidrozub swivel

  • Increased productivity of the equipment. Between 120 and 250 piles can be cut per shift. Much depends on the experience of the operator operating the machinery. We will always give appropriate recommendations on the use of the pile driver.
  • Buying is more profitable than renting if the scope of work is 500 piles or more. 
  • Thanks to our machines, you can make an even cut without any cracks or other defects. 
  • The operation of the equipment is practically noise-free, which is a big advantage in a city and an additional comfort for the builders. 
  • The process is safer than with any other pile cutting method.

Equipment for cutting square piles

There are two types of piles with a square cross section: horizontal and vertical. 

Horizontal pile driver, "GZ" series

The unit is designed for small to medium sized jobs. The advantage of the "GZ" series model is its reliability and durability, as many years of operation will not require additional maintenance and repair costs.


  • The design works due to the cutting wedge, which is mounted on the piston rod. The concrete is separated without damaging the reinforcement.
  • The piles are cut in 20 cm portions by shaping a crack in the concrete with the wedge then pulling the pile head off the reinforcement.
  • It is recommended to cut 2-3 pile heads in one operation.

Vertical pile driver, "GZV" series.

The vertically-oriented equipment, popularly called 'tumblers', is designed for large-scale jobs. One of the advantages of these pile drivers is the ability to remove 2 to 3 times as many heads in a single operation. The time required for the excavator's tower movement is reduced, as the separated pieces are assembled in a vertical housing. This is why such piles are preferred when more than 1.5 to 2 metres of the pile remain above the design elevation. This is a serious advantage over the "GZ" series. Also the vertical equipment allows the piles to be cut at the lowest point without prior excavation.

Circular pile cutting equipment

These devices are suitable for undercutting round and prismatic piles. The number of links for the equipment is selected on the basis of the design, the reinforcement layout and the actual diameter measurements of the piles on site. For example, more powerful links are used for piles 1000-1800 mm. The unit is capable of pile head heights of 500 mm or more, depending on the power of the excavator.

How to calculate the number of links for a pile driver

The following rule is taken into account during assembly:

For every 100 mm of diameter, 1 slauger link is taken. An additional unit is added to the total number. 

For a pile diameter of 1000 mm it is necessary to 1000:100 = 10 links. We add one more link to the total number: 10+1=11. Total, for a diameter of 1000 mm 11 links are needed. The general rule may vary depending on the thickness of the slurry layer.

It is important to remember that after calculating the number of links, the total weight of the equipment must be taken into account. The weight of the sump should not exceed 10% of the excavator's weight. 

You can get advice via the feedback form or by phone: 8(800)551-0-976.

Pile cutting machine in operation - video