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Vibratory rammers

Vibratory rammer GIDROZUB VT - removable hydraulic equipment on single-bucket excavators for soil compaction.

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Mounted vibratory plate on excavators is used for the following types of work:

  • Compaction of bulk slopes, sand and gravel surfaces, trenches, in the construction of steep slopes of roads;
  • compaction of underlayments of sand and "pillows" for laying communications;
  • soil compaction during backfilling of trenches for various purposes (for communications, foundations, etc.);
  • increase of soil density during construction works in a limited space;
  • to carry out various road and repair-construction works.
Weight of excavator, tons3-1414-30
Max. compaction force, t4-510-13
Mass, kg3501000
Plate size, mm927х550х251350х900х30
Height, mm8001100
Frequency, Hz/min-136-40/2000-240036-40/2000-2400
P, bar90-130150-190
Hydraulic flow rate required, l/min70-100120-170

Prices for vibratory plates models are on request, depending on the order complete set.

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Main features

Advantages of the hydraulic vibratory plates GIDROZUB VT:

  • High disturbing tamping force of the vibrating rammer provides high productivity and quality of the work performed;
  • Ability to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid;
  • Universality. The adapter dimensions allow operation on all types of excavators of the corresponding size group;
  • Availability of spare parts.