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How to choose grippers?

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KZ Series Bucket Gripper

This is affordable and easy-to-use equipment on an excavator. The presence of a clamping plate allows you to perform:

  • cleaning of working industrial areas,
  • removing debris after installation work,
  • clearing logging sites,
  • building material handling.

Fixed jaw is equipped with notches for guaranteed clamping and fixation of transported cargo. The gripper comes with a welded part and a tie rod. The welded pull rod locks the fixed part in three positions depending on the desired mode of operation. Installation is done by welding to the arm of the welded part and then installing the link and the clamping jaw. The bucket is mounted on the arm to the hydraulic cylinder.

захват ковша Гидрозуб КЗ  Гидрозуб КЗ с поднятой прижимной челюстью

The bucket grapple can also be equipped with a hydraulic cylinder which is fastened to the pressure plate by means of a welded-on drawbar. If necessary, the clamping jaw can be retracted and work with one bucket without having to be dismantled. In the retracted position, the jaw is secured with locking devices.

ZTM Series Universal Gripper

If you need a gripper for permanent and voluminous works on moving and transporting materials of various sizes, we offer a classic universal gripper "GIDROZUB" series ZTM.

Suitable for a wide range of works on capturing, moving, uprooting small stumps, as well as for clearing and landscaping of areas on the site. Structurally it consists of two reinforced jaws connected by an articulated joint.


Jaw width, working depth and opening width will depend on the excavator on which the equipment will be installed. Installation is done by pulling and welding part to the arm of the excavator. It is possible to adjust the fixed jaw to the welded part in the same way as with the bucket gripper.

Quick-release devices are available if a customer wants a different way to mount the equipment to the excavator.

Custom Grippers

If you don't fit any of the clamshells in the series, we can customize a machine to your needs. In the photo below you can see a small grapple with a custom design for uprooting brush and removing construction debris.


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